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Visualpathfinder A10

Neural photostimulation training for vision improvement based on VEP and biofeedback 

Application cases

Treatment with VISP A10 allows to get visual improvements for a wide range of pathologies like:
• Patient with retinal, optic nerve and cortical diseases.
• Patients with AMD, for the  training of residual eccentric retinal vision areas.
• Patients with binocular vision disorders like amblyopia, diplopia,heterophoria, nystagmus.
• Patients with ametropy such as to limit visual capabilities, with or without corrective lenses.
• Patients suffering from disorders of the visual system  within the legal limits of low vision.
• All those who, by profession or hobby, can benefit from an improvement in visual performaces eg. pilots, sportsmen, etc. 

Technical specifications

VEP recording  with acoustic feedback and visual feedback,
Easy transportable, 17" LCD with VirtualCRT technology.
2 channel amplifier and build -in data acquisiion board.
Notebook  PC , mouse and printer. 
Visp A10+  option for animated target , buil in visual acuity test and eye tracking for  fixation monitoring
Easily upgradable to additional A10 line test ERG, PERG, VEP, mfERG 



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