Glaid A10

The  indispensable  funcional perspective in early glaucoma diagnosis

Binocular  4 minutes full automated  test and report

Just plug in the USB  and  work

  • Why PERG  - The Pattern ERG, according to a vast literature, can detect the most early stage of glaucoma, that is before the symptoms become measurable with the visual field test and before any morphological alterations become detectable with  imaging devices. Furthermore, Glaid A10  offers a valuable and fast method for monitoring even small changes during the follow up of the patient's treatment and his responsivity.
  • Not invasive -   Unlike the standard PERG , Glaid  makes use of non invasive,  adhesive skin electrodes. Glaid software provides  amplitude and phase of the bio-electrical inner retina response, with comparison  to age related  normals. 
  • Compact and trasportable - 17" Pattern LCD with VirtualCRT for ideal PERG stimulation, Two channels data acquisition, Windows 10 PC, printer,  lifting table with chinrest. Easily  upgradable to other vision electrophysiology test  like VEP, ERG, mfERG and Visp.



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