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IngEnesi presents the A10 line of instruments for diagnosis and visual rehabilitation equipped with unique and patented technologies like VirtualCRTgeneration of patterns without luminance artifacts, low noise amplifiers with very small dimensions, compact turnable Pattern and Ganzfeld stimulator assembly, fixation eye tracking  options, integrated visual acuity test and much more.


Primus A10  - Vision Electrophysiology solutions

For ERG, PERG, VEP, Flash VEP, EOG , mfERG  test according to ISCEV standards


Visualpathfinder A10           Visp A10 + 

Neural phothostimulation  with visual and acustic biofeedback. For  Low vision  rehabilitation  training and amblyopia   treatments 


Glaid A10

Easy to use, automated PERG conceived as an ai extra aid  for  early glaucoma diagnosis and follow-up. 


Research & Development

IngEnesi engineers team is fast and flexible to find new and inventive solutions to your special customization needs. 


Ingenesi di Gualtiero Regini
Via Troilo il Grande, 11
00131 Roma - Italy


Phone: +39 06 8811554                   


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