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Primus A10 mfERG

Sophisticated  objective visual field test in a very compact shape

Long m sequence multifocal ERG 

Ingenesi  A10  mfERG is  a full featured  system with the most advanced technology for the diagnosis and follow up of retinal deseases among which Hydroxychloroquine Retinopathy, Stargardt desease,  AMD  etc. Our progressive m sequence processing allows to see  the retinal response   throughout test progression, not only at the end.

Main specifications

► 4 minutes and 8 minutes test .
►Up to 103 areas tested binocularry
►Ring analysys , 2D, 3D and numerical plot
► Compare  implicit time and response density with Normals and previous recordings
► Optional eye tracking and external 32" Stimulator display

Customizable output report

ERG & mfERG Workstation



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