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A10 LCD Pattern stimulator

IngEnesi has the most effective solution to eliminate the LCD flashing artifacts, making common LCD technology perfect for pattern ERG and VEP.

- 17" LCD  1280 x1024 native resolution ( others models on request)
- No  perceptible flashing  at the pattern reversal .
- Conforms  to  ISCEV guidelines  for PERG   displays
- Make use of  LCD displays commercially available for PCs
- No LCD display  hardware modifications  nor customization  required.
- No backlight compensation drawbacks, like localized flashing areas

IngEnesi  build-in video card provides :
- VirtualCRT patented driving method.
- Perfect shapes for bars (vertical, horizontal) and checkeboards

- Adjustable Pattern size  and stimulation area.
- Independent dual  pattern  stimuli  for upper and lower LCD screen.
- Color pattern and background selection.
- Color Fixation target
- Pattern Control software provided for Windows XP/Vista/7
- USB / RS485 /RS232 PC Interface
- Trigger out for external acquisition system.