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     GlaidX Advanced Notice

A great evolution is underway at IngEnesi laboratories, for the improvement of the electrofunctional  tests for earlyglaucomadiagnosis.
GlaidX  is our new  software  that implements our propretary
SHT method  (simultaneous hemifield test), that allows to combine  three of the most recognised methods: PERG Ratio, PERGLA , Hemi-field test.




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Glaid A10 is a user-friendly tool for both the operator and the patient, and offers a valuable support for the diagnosis of glaucoma in the early stage, well before the anatomical changes may be detected by any of the advanced imaging methods. The PERG (Pattern electroretinogram) is a specific test that can detect the functional alteration, before becoming structural, of ganglion cell involved in the glaucomatous pathology. The main objective of Glaid A10 is to provide a test which is objective, non-invasive, fast, easy to understand and tolerable, independent of the operator and reproducible, able to detect the dysfunction of the ganglion cells by comparison with an established  database of normals. The test is performed in binocular mode and provides results of  amplitude, phase and standard deviations from age related normals. Follow up software allows to clearly detect any functional changes along with the treatment.

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