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Sede: Viale Lina Cavalieri 104, Roma 00139
Tel. 06 83390228 , Cell. 328 6947567
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Primus A10 is a compact electrophysiology instrument, provided with a small external amplifier. these features allow easy transportability and space saving. The LCD display provides excellent definition and contrast without any luminance artifact thanks to the VirtualCRT technology that emulates the behaviour of CRT used with traditional high quality instruments. Stimulus visual field and background area can be adjusted to any size allowing  test to be performed at 30 cm from the stimulus, even in small room. Primus A10 hardware may be    connected to any modern laptop or desktop computer through an USB port. The reliable and easy to use software, is based on our historical experience in the electrophysiology of vision and is able to perform all test in few simple steps wpe5.jpg (15265 byte)





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