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The new concept MiniGS Led stimulator is designed to overcome the limitations of weight and size of the traditional full fieldGanzfeld stimulators  of  previous generation, without sacrificing the functional requirements of standardized ocular electrophysiology according with  the  I.S.C.E.Vrules.

The MiniGs has a footprint of about 36 x36 cm , depth of 21 cm and  weight of about 3.5 kg. These features make it one of the smallest in its class. It has posterior VESA mounting holes that allow mounting on an
optionalarticulated arm  for those patients lying down or in the operating theater.

The instrument can also be mounted on the A10 unit stand so as to obtain an integrated  Flash and Pattern
stimulatior system,very compact and transportable. The rotating base allows the positioning of  the  Flash or the  Pattern LCDstimulator, according to the required test.


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